ILUX-Cole Sexton Design, LLC


ilux: (EYE-lux) n. [from the combined forms I love + luxury]

Design. Design. Design. That’s what we do.

We also do a lot of other things most legwear makers don’t do. We use nontraditional legwear yarns to make luxurious legwear. We go out into the world and collaborate on developing the best raw materials and knitting techniques possible. We innovate, we envision, and we insist on giving our customers something new and better, season after season.

Posted in our design studio is this quote:

“Frankly, none of you make anything that is irreplaceable. What you have to become is irresistible.”   – Kevin Roberts, Saatchi & Saatchi

We keep it there to remind us that our work — the work we love — is to make ilux skin-on-skin luxury utterly irresistible.

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