Tree-Free Cards

Not only is the artwork just astoundingly beautiful but here is a little about about the company's philosophy and practices from their website:

By printing on 100% post consumer recycled paper, we are saving 2,405 mature trees, 1,121,858 gallons of water, 1,078 million BTUs of energy, 75,098 pounds of solid waste, and 206,850 pounds of greenhouse gases a year! (Calculations based on research by Environmental Defense Fund & other members of the Paper Task Force.) Not only are our papers processed chlorine free, but they’re Green-e certified, and made with electricity generated from wind power. Not to be outdone, our envelope paper is produced from 80% reclaimed wheat straw, an agricultural by product.

Our new state of the art printing facility has dramatically increased our sustainability and decreased the amount of paper used and wasted. How much you ask? An estimated 10 TONS per year, that’s the equivalent of 111 trees! We’ve also recently switched to solar energy! Our 200 panel photovoltaic array will provide roughly 65,344 kilowatt hours per year of clean, renewable electricity. That’s enough electricity to power 10 average New England homes per year! We’ll be reducing our carbon footprint by 59,985 lbs of carbon pollution annually.

With the completion of our new home, we’re bringing our printing and production under one roof — Tree-Free’s on-site operation will be 100% powered by the sun. That’s right! Believe it or not, New England received 30% more of the sun’s energy than Germany, the world leader in solar installations.

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